Cashu wallets


Cashu Python is the reference implementation. It is the first Cashu wallet and mint. Both, the mint and the wallet can be used as standalone software or included into other applications as a library. It has full Bitcoin Lightning integration, PostgreSQL and SQLite database support, builtin Tor for hiding IPs for wallet and mint interactions, supports multiple mints, and can send and receive tokens on nostr, and supports pay-to-script-hash (P2SH) tokens.


Nutstash is a Cashu web wallet with many features such as multimint support and support for sending and receiving tokens via nostr. It is easy to use and probably one of the best Cashu wallets out there. Nutstash is written in TypeScript and uses the cashu-ts library. is another web wallet built on Quasar and Vue.js. The wallet is written in JavaScript and TypeScript and is in active development.


eNuts is a Cashu wallet for Android and IOS. It empowers you with a user-friendly interface that streamlines every step of your Ecash journey.


Minibits is a mobile Cashu wallet with a focus on performance and usability.

Cashu Feni

Cashu Feni is a Cashu wallet and mint written in Golang. It supports multiple mints, P2SH, and offers Docker images for easy deployment. Cashu Feni is suited for high-performance applications.


Cashcrab is a Cashu wallet with a flutter UI and with as much logic as possible in rust using cashu-crab with nostr integration for contacts and messaging.


@ngutech21/moksha is a Cashu wallet and mint written in Rust.