Cashu is Ecash for Bitcoin

Cashu is a free and open-source Chaumian ecash protocol built for Bitcoin. Ecash is a digital barer token that is stored on a user's device, very similar to physical cash. The Cashu protocol allows you to build applications such as wallets or voucher systems. Cashu is designed to be private, secure and scalable. Transactions are instant and nearly free.

What is Cashu?

Cashu is an ecash protocol that is integrated with the Bitcoin protocol. An Ecash system consists of two parts, the mint and the Ecash wallet. Anyone can run a mint for their application, be it a wallet, a web paywall, paid streaming services, or a voucher and rewards system for a super market. Ecash transactions between users or from the user to a service provider respect the user's privacy. A mint does not store a database of user accounts and their activity which protects users of an Ecash system from leaks their private data to hackers and can provide stronger censorship resistant than classical payment systems.


Open-source Ecash

Cashu is a free and open-source protocol. Anyone can run a mint.

Bearer token

Ecash transactions are instant and final, just like physical cash.


Blind signatures preserve user privacy. Transactions are peer-to-peer.


Cashu tokens support spending conditions like P2PK and HTLCs.

Ecash for the web

Ecash payments can be included in web requests.

Range of application

Use Cashu for your website. Or a whole bank.

Explore Cashu


Cashu is an Ecash implementation based on David Wagner's variant of Chaumian blinding.


Cashu NUTs (Notation, Usage, and Terminology) are Cashu's protocol specifications and the developer libraries make it easy to write wallets and mints.


There are many apps that implement the Cashu protocol. Apps are available as mobile apps for iOS and Android, progressive web apps (PWA), and command-line tools (CLI).


Cashu libraries are available for various programming languages. Click here to see the full list. Here are some examples.


Learn about Cashu

Articles and Podcast about Cashu and Chaumian ecash.

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Explore Projects

Explore the different Open Source Cashu apps that have been built so far.

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Cashu Protocol

Go deeper into how the Cashu protocol works.

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