Cashu projects

Nutshell Python

Cashu Python is the reference implementation. It is the first Cashu wallet and mint. Both, the mint and the wallet can be used as standalone software or included into other applications as a library. It has full Bitcoin Lightning integration, PostgreSQL and SQLite database support, builtin Tor for hiding IPs for wallet and mint interactions, supports multiple mints, and can send and receive tokens on nostr, and supports pay-to-script-hash (P2SH) tokens.

Cashu Feni

Cashu Feni is a Cashu wallet and mint written in Golang. It supports multiple mints, P2SH, and offers Docker images for easy deployment. Cashu Feni is suited for high-performance applications.


cashu-ts is a typescript library that offers developers a simple interface for implementing Cashu browser and node-js applications.

Cashu on LNbits

LNbits is a very versatile wallet management system for your Lightning node that supports extensions. The Cashu extension allows you to create a Cashu mint with a couple of clicks.


Nutstash is a Cashu web wallet with many features such as multimint support and support for sending and receiving tokens via nostr. It is easy to use and probably one of the best Cashu wallets out there. Nutstash is written in TypeScript and uses the cashu-ts library.

The is another web wallet built on Quasar and Vue.js. The wallet is written in JavaScript and is in active development.

Faucet Anarchy

This Cashu faucet allows you to deposit and withdraw Cashu tokens from a web interface. Read the code here.


This web tool allows you to redeem any Cashu token directly onto your Lightning wallet without having to receive it in a Cashu wallet GitHub.


X-Cashu is a work-in-progress project that aims to create a 402 Payment Required scheme to monetize REST API access by using ecash in HTTP headers.


Proxnut This proxy forwards requests only if they have a valid cashu token attached to the X-Cashu header.

Mint index

Mint index An index to find Cashu mints (GitHub)


Spacenut The sickest Cashu-enabled game you've ever played (GitHub)


Nutminer is a proof of work based Cashu faucet that releases a constant rate of Cashu tokens (Repo).


CashuProjects is collection of TypeScript projects