Cashu projects


ChatNut is a privacy-preserving Chat application for large language models (LLMs) that users pay-per-request with an integrated Cashu wallet without having to create accounts.


Nutband aims to use Cashu payments over long range radio and other mesh networks using Reticulum and LXMF.

Mint index

Mint index An index to find Cashu mints (GitHub)

Faucet Anarchy

This Cashu faucet allows you to deposit and withdraw Cashu tokens from a web interface. Read the code here.


This web tool allows you to redeem any Cashu token directly onto your Lightning wallet without having to receive it in a Cashu wallet GitHub.


X-Cashu is a work-in-progress project that aims to create a 402 Payment Required scheme to monetize REST API access by using ecash in HTTP headers.


Proxnut This proxy forwards requests only if they have a valid cashu token attached to the X-Cashu header.


Spacenut The sickest Cashu-enabled game you've ever played (GitHub)


Nutminer is a proof of work based Cashu faucet that releases a constant rate of Cashu tokens (Repo).


CashuProjects is collection of TypeScript projects

Cashu Address

Cashu Address uses Cashu mints to receive funds via Lightning addresses


Numbnoot is a simulator for the Blind Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange scheme in used in Cashu


SatsContactBot is a Telegram bot that converts Lightning Zaps/Tips in Cashu Ecash sent to you via a Telegram message